Yes the latter does conjure up Jurassic park like images of bohemeths devouring the landscape with gleefulness and serenity while the rest of the park is being torn up to pieces by the carnivores.

And while these terms are being bandied about with some coherency and fervor, and regardless of what we name the next set of 3 zero’s…the reality is that IIoT & IoT is just going to be hugh!!!!!!   While I’m not voting for T-rexbytes as the next one, I believe some people are asking themselves wthbyte is going on here with the few gigabytes they are playing with right now.

IT loves the fact that they can keep storing data and they are getting better at it.  Good!  I’m happy that they are doing that and I’m happy that they are getting better doing that.  It just makes our lives more fun, but the skill set required to store data isn’t the same skill set needed to create intelligence out of the data.  The more data you collect, the more you need someone to:

  1. figure out what is in it,
  2. extract relevant value;
  3. find out how to tell a story and
  4. how to drive the appropriate change into the organization, e.g. improved operations.

While companies are good at thinking about their long term data storage needs and are developing long term data strategies….they are not looking at their long term advanced analytics needs and developing strategies around what intelligence is needed to drive the business forward.  Without an advanced analytics strategy, it doesn’t matter how much data we collect and what we call it.  The real consequences of not focusing on what you are going to do with the data is much bigger than a brontosauras…oh MY!

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