About Us

Data is the new powerhouse. Data illuminates and presents us with insights that are factual. The world today is a connected product. The way this connection is understood, felt, articulated or actioned is a hidden treasure trove. Connected cars, Intelligent & self-regulating appliances, intelligent onboard diagnosing machinery, smart energy meters, connected medical devices are few examples that speaks of the volume of information that this powerhouse holds as answers to the world around us.

Truly its time when we recognize and appreciate the focus on Data Science for Business Innovation.

In words of Edward Deming “In god we trust. All others bring data”, reflects the dependability that data provides as right answers. The right information creates the right opportunity to advance business, promising exciting new course corrections improving revenue opportunities across the enterprise and consumer markets.

While Adequacy is the new buzz word today, less than 1 % of data around is analyzed, spoken about and business innovation stemmed from it. Add to this is the enormous amount of data getting added up each day. It is time the new world understands this new powerhouse and help generate right insight and also create a sustainable connect.

At Cyient Insights, we strive to turn data into potential powerhouse. Crunching and churning data into insights, this new age science holds fascination to our interests. Our core DNA is a team that loves the ‘Data’. For us the data is the new ‘steel’ that provides the right spine to every concrete insight that is built around it. Team Cyient-Insights strives each day to enable our customers drive business innovation and deliver quantifiable business results thru smart data analytics and actionable intelligence. Staffed with a Team of PhD, MS and MBA level Data Scientists/BI Architects, team Cyient-Insights is experienced in myriad of Decision Sciences/Big Data technologies.

We pride ourselves on our unique approach in acquiring, managing and analyzing the vast amount of data generated by leveraging our in-depth industry expertise, and our unmatched commitment to add value to our customers with the proven global delivery model.

Our Mission

To enable our customers to drive business innovation and deliver quantifiable business results thru smart data analytics and actionable intelligence.

Our Values are First

  • Fairness
  • Integrity
  • Respect
  • Sincerity
  • Transparency

We are subsidiary of Cyient Ltd. public limited company and listed on the NSE/BSE stock exchange,

To learn more about Cyient, please visit www.cyient.com.

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