Advanced Analytics

While building the next version of Skynet may not be on your todo list; we’ll surely help you get there.  All joking aside, when it comes to advanced analytics, it is perhaps one of the few tools available today that will impact your business more broadly and competitively than any another opportunity currently in the marketplace.

The business challenges you face with advanced analytics are four-fold:

1) are the analytics you implement self-learning analytics,

2) have you incorporated all the possible data sources into your analytic process;

3) are you able to push your analytics into your organization, making a difference where it really counts; and

4) are you taking advantage of all the new business revenue possibilities?

As more machines are connected to a network or the internet, companies now have the ability to easily access this data.

Solving today’s toughest problems requires an entirely new approach to data analysis. Current analysis can overlook some of the critical intelligence that can be useful. Cyient Insights considers the significance of advanced analytics frame work, a technique that was pioneered by our founders to simplify complex business problems. Our approach starts with understanding the business problem to developing actionable insights using hybrid models.

Over the last few years availability of data has become easier. Sensors are automating the collection of data and providing data about machines that was previously unavailable.

Data without insight is just trivia

We understand that advanced analytics are creating opportunities for business yet only few companies are able to combine right tools and generate right insights to take an advantage. Cyient Insights analytical expertise help ensure that businesses build the right capabilities to mine data for insights that can enable better decisions and create value. Advanced analytics at our place can be grouped into four key functions: descriptive, diagnostic, predictive and prescriptive. We call this approach as Cyient insights frame work for advanced analytics. Our team closely understands the business problem and follows our own frame work of advanced analytics to deliver actionable insights.

We make unexpected connections

Achieving impact from advanced analytics may start with data, but it must be matched with deep understanding of industry dynamics and functional best practices. At Cyient Insights, we have a complete roadmap comprising our people, data science process, tools and techniques to implement data management strategies specific to each client’s objectives to provide insights across business units and functions. Our approach to advanced analytics is agile, timely, phased and cost-effective delivering business benefits at the conclusion of each phase of the project.

To be more specific of our approach, we get Data Access, identify and formulate the business problem with our domain expertise. In every engagement we work closely with our client to develop a comprehensive, situation-specific understanding of trends and opportunities. And the next is to do Data Exploration and preparation. Carrying forward will be constructing Hypothesis, hypothesis testing and fine tuning it which is called iterative analytical life-cycle. This unique approach has helped many of our clients to formulate strategies in achieving excellence using data.

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