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In this digital era, regardless of whether you are an equipment reseller, operator, or a manufacturer of off-highway vehicles (OEM), tapping into data can have a significant impact on your business. In the complex work you do—from large acreage farming to highway road construction to mineral mining in remote locations, you are most likely discovering that the simplicity of what you are looking for is lying on the other side of complexity.

Whether your goal is to reduce maintenance costs, increase machine activity rate, or reduce downtime due to maintenance and repair, our science solutions are here to help.  We deliver real-time data analytics, intelligent solutions and services to help you simplify and transform your business in the digital age.

Through Cyient Insights’ proven advanced analytics solutions, we are here to help you succeed.

Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM)

Introduction to OEM

In this hyper-connected world where devices, sensors, machines are inter-connected with the web, OEMs can improve their product performance through predictive analytics. Leveraging advanced analytics helps you turn massive data into powerful actionable insights. At Cyient, we believe that you can take advantage of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) to improve equipment efficiency, safety and return on assets, while reducing costs. Our services benefit the following OEM sub-segments:


Lack of or limited availability of post-purchase data has made it difficult for engineers to understand customers’ needs. Many times, repairs go unreported to OEMs, unless there is a warranty issue or a requirement for a spare part. Proactively monitoring equipment and intelligent data gathering enables complete visibility of the machine. Easy and comprehensive data access into the entire fleet helps engineers analyze every part over a period, and identify the cause of failures or success. In addition, proactive assessment of data and analysis of customer feedback provides insights to help produce more efficient and relevant designs suited to the customers’ requirements.


Run-to-fail is not a strategy embraced by the manufacturing industry, and constant changes caused by the changing market demands creates new challenges in optimizing the production environment. Today’s manufacturing systems offer a considerable amount of operational data, which when analyzed properly can provide valuable insights into the health of production assets. However, the sector is unable to leverage this data due to limited analytical capabilities and lack of domain expertise. Predictive analytics enables better decision making to increase asset reliability to meet the ever increasing and dynamic market demands. Modeling tools produce static thresholds based on design or expected levels, and predictive analytics produces a data model that dynamically changes in response to evolving asset conditions. Due to these differences, they can be highly complementary tools for maintaining asset reliability.

Supply Chain Management

The key challenges that firms face in the area of SCM are fluctuating market conditions, pressure to reduce costs, eroding margins, supply quality issues, as well as sub-optimal procurement decisions due to lack of a consolidated view. When it comes to procurement, manufacturing, assembly, inventory and distribution, it is all about data. Whether you want to identify quality issues in sub-components, optimize spare part inventories, ramp-up production to meet future demand or make key operational decisions, our predictive analytics solution can help. With our solution, you get real-time data updates and actionable insights for improved decision making. Click here to see a few other ideas we have thought about. Learn More


Today, customers want everything-as-a-service. Many manufacturers over the years have divested units to become lean and agile. It has led to a significant growth in their aftermarket size. Traditionally, the aftermarket was a reactive practice of fulfilling parts or dispatching service post purchase. However, big data has revolutionized the functioning of the aftermarket, turning it into a proactive service-oriented business model. Analytics, innovation and invention in services have helped aftermarket organizations preempt problems and mitigate negative impact even before an event takes place. Moreover, the aftermarket firms can ensure sustainable revenue and competitive advantage by delivering more information services to the market.

Equipment Operator

Introduction to Equipment Operators

Analytics-driven off-highway companies are leveraging data to predict business outcomes and take real-time decisions to acquire a competitive advantage and improve productivity. But, many firms are still unable to profit from these services as actionable insights continue to elude decision makers. Cyient Insights helps you leverage current telematic investments to achieve operational efficiencies and better asset and equipment management, which is the key to increased margins and competitiveness. Some of the benefits of our connected worksite include:

  • Optimized throughput and effective operational management with real-time interpretation of performance data
  • Reduced disruptions and production losses caused by equipment breakdowns or facility problems
  • Increase the equipment uptime and reduce unscheduled downtime
  • Predictive maintenance rather than preventive maintenance during non-production times.

Additionally, our Insights solution helps in the following areas:


Minimize Equipment Downtime

It is important for asset managers to know the exact health status of a given asset in real time. It gains a lot of importance when the assets are geographically dispersed and involved in many simultaneous activities. Our data integration service provides end-to-end visibility into assets. It enables managers to optimize their performance and inter-relationships to enhance production reliability.

Gain immediate access to up-to-date product, part, and procedure information so teams in the field can schedule service and maintenance activities more efficiently.

  • Drive higher production at lower cost by reducing equipment downtime with continuous monitoring
  • Enable more predictive asset maintenance and repair
  • Reduce revenue risks associated with slowdowns in operations
  • Extend the life of operational assets to defer capital investment



Optimize Operations

Opportunity for cost savings can only be realized from an in-depth analysis of the most recent data. Whether it is predicting and preventing maintenance of expensive, complex and remotely-located assets or enriching forecasts with external or inferred structured and unstructured data sources. Our predictive analytical models enable you to anticipate key changes, challenges, and opportunities and derive the best decisions in a timely and informed manner.

  • Increase production with continuous monitoring—across the entire field.
  • Leverage key knowledge of holders with data visualization and remote collaboration tools.
  • Reduce operational interruptions with early issue detection and predictive algorithms.
  • Increased production with continuous monitoring for all the equipment in your ecosystem



Efficiency & Safety

Being able to intuitively search through vast databases of part procedure, and maintenance information allows for operational and safety documents to be rapidly identified. Not only does this help improve procedural compliance, but it also provides an effective way to educate both new and experienced workers on unfamiliar or infrequently performed tasks.

  • Reduce field errors to help minimize production loss, equipment damage, regulatory and civil damages, and potential loss of life
  • Keep field teams up to date on new products and procedures to improve operational safety and reduce training costs.
  • Foster a working culture that supports corporate and social responsibility.
  • Transform labor requirements with more efficient operations
  • Improve the safety and maintenance of facilities and equipment
  • Provide a safer environment with data sensors and analytics that alert for danger signals


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