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Even with the proliferation of “green” technologies, the global demand for fossil fuels remains strong. Yet with increasing competition for limited natural resources, oil and gas organizations must still maintain a focus on minimizing production costs in order to stay profitable. This requirement presents significant challenges however, as exploration and production environments for oil and gas include some of the harshest climates on the planet, and new emerging regulatory and commercial standards in managing and reporting on safety and compliance.

Adopting a centralized information management strategy provides an impacting solution for oil and gas organizations to drive higher efficiency, reduce operational costs, and keep a clean safety and environmental record. Gains from real-time access to information are numerous and can support several key business objectives of oil and gas operations.

  • Exploration Analysis
  • Production Analysis and Forecasting
  • Asset Management
  • Intervention Management
  • Efficiency and Safety

Exploration and Analysis

Exploration & Analysis

As oil and gas companies work to optimize operational efficiencies, they also must strive to improve exploration efficiency and knowledge. Exploration executives need to analyze well data, seismic data, industry trends, emerging technologies, and lease portfolio experience. They also need to utilize that information to identify optimum oil drilling locations and bid on oil leases. Some of the things we can help you with are:

  • Optimize extraction and effectively manage operations with real-time interpretation of drilling information
  • Improve reservoir performance by analyzing and identifying actionable insights from seismic studies and production systems
  • Store and process seismic data that can be used to discover seismic trace signatures that were previously overlooked

Production Analysis & Forecasting

Upstream, downstream, midstream, revenue stream, regardless of which stream you are in, the data you get from each is as only relevant as the latest analysis.  Whether it is predicting and preventing maintenance of expensive, complex and remotely-location assets or enriching forecasts with external or inferred structured and unstructured data sources. Our predictive analytics models enable you to look ahead hours, days and months so you can anticipate key changes, challenges and opportunities and make the best decisions based on those outcomes in a timely, considered and informed manner.

  • Enable key knowledge holders with data visualization and remote collaboration tools.
  • Reduce production interruption, with early production issue detection (e.g. well loading, artificial lift efficiency, scaling/paraffin, etc.)
  • Avoid disruptions and reduce production losses caused by equipment breakdowns or facility problems through predictive/prescriptive advanced data analysis
  • Enable increased well production by continuously monitoring the status of the well —individually and across the field

Minimize Equipment Downtime

status of a given asset at a specific time. Integrated data consolidates the end-to-end visibility into assets, how they are performing and the inter-relationships that can be optimized to increase reliable production.

Gain immediate access to up-to-date product, part, and procedure information so teams in the field can perform service and maintain assets more efficiently.

  • Drive higher production at lower cost by reducing equipment downtime
  • Enable more proactive asset maintenance and repair
  • Reduce revenue risks associated with slowdowns in production
  • Mechanisms to extend the life of operational assets to defer capital investment
  • Increasing the lifespan of equipment by implementing condition-based maintenance using predictive analytics

Real-Time Knowledge

New “intelligent oil field” technologies (aka M2M and IoT) are emerging that provide vast amounts of sensor information, but these systems are not optimized to deliver actionable insights relevant to users in the field.  Having an  advanced analytic system that connects field teams with relevant content that is accessible on-demand using mobile- and cloud-based platforms enables:

  • Real-time access to engineering information helps isolated and offshore teams make quick, accurate decisions when critical issues arise
  • Leverage technology more effectively to lower operating costs and increase find and recovery rates
  • Better collaborate on product innovation by capturing reliability and failure details


Efficiency & Safety

Making a Safer Workplace

Managing compliance with global political and environmental regulations can be a complex and time consuming task. By centralizing information and digitally capturing critical maintenance records, multiple regulatory documents can be connected to source data – keeping them up-to-date automatically and providing instant access.

  • Keep pace with regulatory change in complex economic, political, and environmental conditions
  • Centralize regulatory information for easy and efficient retrieval
  • Minimize time spent manually updating regulatory documents
  • Sustaining regulatory compliance and demonstrating compliance by efficiently generating reports

Promote Safety

With a full view of the state of every part on the aircraft, your maintenance crews can monitor alarms, get proactive alerts and would have access to predictive models that would enable them to have the right skill, the right part and the right capacity at the right time and place to service the aircraft. By being able to more aptly forecast for resources and inventories, you can significantly improve uptime and mitigate unscheduled maintenance, making yours assets and people more efficient and more profitable.

Drive Innovation

Big data analytics is changing our paradigm and the way we manage fleets and the assets important and critical to business success. Today it is difficult for asset managers to know the exact status of a given asset at a specific time. Integrated data from different sources consolidates end-to-end visibility of assets and lets you know how they are performing along with their inter-relationships that can be optimized to better manage your aircraft and fleets.

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